What is Aliasing™?

Aliasing is an image scaling technique, which produces an alias - downsampled version of the original image.

It is achieved by dividing image into multiple regions Rⁿ, which are then passed through an aliasing filter θ to obtain a final result 𝜙.

Aliasing filter is always variable, and largely depends on:

  • Image features
  • Image dominant color
  • Region Rⁿ size
  • Region Rⁿ color

The result is a sharp, clear image that retains all of its features:

Here's an example of how dominant color affects aliasing filters:

Aliasing, unlike it's counterpart - pixel art - does not constrain itself with limited number of colors and other restrictions such as banding or dithering. The main goal of aliasing is to achieve an accurate model of an image while still relying on observer's imagination.

In Confederate Express, aliasing is managed via proprietary rendering framework False2D, which calculates aliasing filters either dynamically or using pre-constructed data.